Filing bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy

One little mistake while filing bankruptcy could cost you a lifetime fortune. The incorrect bankruptcy definition or data could lead to severe results for the case as you lose probable protection from creditors. Some mistakes easily land you in jail as you face serious criminal charges of financial fraud. It is best to use a bankruptcy lawyer who will save you from paying more in debt.

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most challenging phases for anyone. It is emotional and mentally draining as you seek to avoid the dire humiliation and defeat. The whole ordeal of an impending bankruptcy should never be the reason for you to disquiet the right legal help. Here are some notable benefits of hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

Reasons to hire a bankruptcy attorney.

Assess the case

What should you not do before filing bankruptcy? The first thing we will do is assess the case to get you the help you need. Do not rush to file because you may have other options to repay your debt. The exact filing process is entirely dependent on your financial goal and the current monetary situation. What do you lose if you declare bankruptcy? It would help if you had an experienced eye to look at the debt, assets, income, and objectives to draw the most beneficial conclusion.

Clean application

How much debt do you have to have to file Chapter 7? A great deal of paperwork goes into the filing process. You need a massive amount of data without any technical issues; hence it is best to use a specialized lawyer who will file a motion with correct details for a successful outcome.

Gather testimony

Some people do not realize the full extent of filing bankruptcy, such as the importance of gathering proper testimony. It is our job to find the testimony that will give you favor among creditors and the court. We ensure all testimonies are complete and accurate because they are in alignment with your financial records.


An attorney does more than fill papers and uses the right terminology to solve a bankruptcy case. We will move the case forward and outline ways that diffuse anxiety and confusion. Our attorneys will walk you through the timeline to understand the consequential impact of both short and long-term endeavors.


Does filing bankruptcy ruin your credit? The attorney negotiates separate agreements on your behalf to protect your assets from repossession. A standard solution is to allow affordable interest rates so you can make timely repayments. We will meet with creditors on your behalf and find ways to present your interests before parties will place on the right course. Eventually, you will realize that we will help you breathe easy because we know the traditional ways of shutting down harsh advances by creditors.

The bankruptcy attorney is entitled to compensation by the insurance firm if they have malpractice with the case. Representing yourself could cause significant financial loss due to expensive penalties and wasted filing fees.

The Law Office of William W. Waldner knows the regulations of the smooth bankruptcy filing. We help move the case through the system with minimal blocks so that you can move one with life with peace of mind. You can trust our experts to keep up with the most current law to fasten the process. Talk to us now for a free consultation on filing a clear bankruptcy case.


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