call centers in India

call centers in India

If you’re looking for a way to save money on inbound and outbound calls, you’ll find Performatel has a lot to offer your company. What separates us from call centers in India and offshore is our commitment to providing your callers with a superior experience when they connect with your brand. Clear-speaking, live communicators mean a lot to your customers and clients and will result in a more positive image of your company. Our agents can provide the friendly voice on the line your callers want to hear.

How Do I Hire the Best Call Center Service?

Take the advice of consumer experts and avoid call centers in India at all costs. It can seem tempting to go offshore when you see the savings on costs-per-call, but to what degree will your customers pay? It may surprise you to learn that more than half of all callers hang up when they hear a foreign accent. Performatel can ensure your callers are greeted by a native-speaking agent who is eager to assist them, whether they’re calling with questions, to process a credit card while placing an order, or for any other reason. Your customers, clients, and connections will thank you.

Why Do I Need a Call Center?

No business can afford to waste company resources or overspend on services. Outsourcing your calls to Performatel can provide significant savings each month compared with paying a front desk staff. Even if you only employ a single receptionist, our agents can perform all of the same call-answering and call-making services at a fraction of the cost that you’re now paying. Best of all, your callers will never have to wait to speak with a company representative, by listening to music or pressing buttons. Calls are answered and addressed immediately by knowledgeable, skilled agents who represent your brand.

An Affordable Solution to High Traffic Calls

You’ll spend less per call when you hire Performatel to manage your off-site call center- and your customers will never know they’re not connected to an agent within your office. We’ll work with your staff to create intelligent scripts and provide our call-takers with the information they need to ensure streamlined call answering, message taking, call redirecting, and many other services, besides. Choose us for call center services and you’ll have access to Website tools that clarify communication:

  • SMS and email response
  • Live chat
  • Social response
  • Complete internet relationship management

More Costs Less

There is a reason why so many businesses look to Performatel rather than work with call centers in India- clear communication between your company and your callers, at a reasonable price. Find out about available plans when you browse our online resources or reach out to a Performatel expert now. Our goal is to save your company money every month while improving your customer satisfaction rate. It’s easier and more affordable than you probably think. Before you sign a contract with another call center agency, find out how Performatel can exceed your expectations.

call centers in India
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